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Harnessing the Combined Powers of Zepar and Sitri for Love Spell and Obsession

Passion between man and woman
Love spell

For those seeking a profound connection in love, the combination of Zepar and Sitri, two powerful spirits from ancient lore, offers a unique pathway. This pairing is renowned for its effectiveness in deepening romantic bonds with an intensity that encompasses both emotional depth and passionate desire.

The Synergy of Zepar and Sitri:

Zepar is revered for his ability to forge deep emotional ties, creating bonds that are based on more than just surface attraction. Sitri complements this by igniting an intense, almost magnetic physical and sensual attraction. When these two forces are combined, the result is a powerful blend of deep emotional connection and irresistible allure.

Targeted Results in Relationships:

1. Emotional Depth: Zepar's influence helps in creating a foundation of trust and emotional intimacy, making the relationship more resilient and deeply connected.

2. Passionate Attraction: Sitri adds a dynamic layer of passion and desire, ensuring that the relationship maintains a strong physical and sensual connection.

3. Binding Together: The combination is especially potent for those looking to 'bind' their relationship, making it more robust against challenges and deepening the sense of commitment.

How to Invoke These Spirits:

Invoking Zepar and Sitri typically involves focused rituals where practitioners set clear intentions about the kind of relationship they desire. It's about aligning one's own energy with the energies of these spirits to create a powerful resonance that impacts love and romantic bonds.

Expectations from the Rituals:

Participants can expect to see changes in the depth and intensity of their relationships. This might manifest as renewed passion, deeper understanding between partners, or a heightened sense of commitment and togetherness. It's often described as feeling a more intense, almost unbreakable bond.


Combining Zepar and Sitri in love spells offers a powerful tool for those seeking to enhance their romantic relationships. This practice is valued for its ability to bring about a deeper emotional connection, coupled with a strong sense of physical and sensual attraction. For those willing to explore these ancient paths, the results can be deeply fulfilling and transformative.

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If I need to use the same spirit for multiple targets can I light half way for each spirit one after the other?




Will you ever sell this as a combo or perform this ritual?


Definitely appreciate the wealth of knowledge you share


Thank you Aunty you have been dropping Gems!!! I know you said pair so can I use them both at the very same time ? or do one ritual then the other. Next question I have sitri oil is it best to get the candle for this ritual?

Nov 19, 2023
Replying to

You can use them one after another in the same ritual. The candles are best.

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