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He enflames people with love. He makes a named person became obsessed with a passion for you. He can turn yourself sexually desirable. He tempts a person to succumb to your seduction. He helps you to gain easy and ephemeral sexual intercourse.


* Gives you lustful power

* Bring extreme beauty

* Renew a relationship

* Mentor you in love

* Cause target tp develope strong sexual feelings

* Make target fall for you

* Lead you to your souldmate

* Watch over your children

* Glamour magick

*Sex Magicl

* Love Spells



Rules 60 Legions

Astrological - Cancer

Tarot - 4 of cups

Planet - Jupiter

Metal - Tin

Color - Blue

Element - Earth

Scent - Cedar



- 7 day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant (On candle )


Sitri | Love | Seduction | Beauty | Obsession

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