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Zagan can stop with gossips. He can control a noisy and disgusting person, making him or her stop bothering you. He makes you convincing to sell an idea or project. He gives you the insight to make good investments.


* increase knowlege

* inrease motivation

* Investment Advisor

* Favor in job application

* Help you make healthier choices

* Bring personal Beauty

* Make another who cant see their wrongs see truth


Rules 33 Groups of spirits

Astrological correspondence- Sagittarius

Tarot card - 8 of wands

Ruling planet - Sun and Mercury

Metal - Gold and Mercury

Color - Yellow

Element - Earth

Scent - Frankincense


Includes a

- Activated 7 day candle

- Spirit Chant (located on candle)

Zagan | Shut Up | See Truth

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