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Volac can make you discover traitors and hidden enemies, and can make you gain money from unexpected sources like gifts or prizes. makes a named person include you in his or her will and makes you wise for investments and to gain money.


* Gain money through random luck or opportunity

*  Helps in finding employment

* Help you pay your bills on time

* Make someone include you in the inheritance

*Help you gain large amounts of money 

*Cure or destroy of enemy


Rules 38 Legions

Astrological- Sagittarius

Tarot - 9 of wands

Planet - Mercury

Color - Orange

Element - Earth

Scent- Storax



- 7-day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant ( on candle )


Volac Conjure Candle | Gain Money | Curse

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