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Seere is a powerful spirit who rules over 26 legions of spirits. Seere can change your perception of time, making you produce more in less time. He can make a problem be solved quickly. Sere can cause others to make decisions in your favor.


Seere is the go-to spirit for court cases, and when you need a situation overturned, fast! Work with him in any position where you need a quick decision made in your favor!


He can also help with the following:


Credit and loan issues/ approvals

Lessen procrasination 

Help you do more in less time.


Astrological correspondence- Pisces

Tarot card - 8 of cups

Ruling planet - Jupiter

Metal - Tin

Color - Blue

Element - Fire

Scent - Cedar



- 7-day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant ( is on the candle )

Seere | Solve Problems Quick | Overcome Procrastination

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