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Lilith is said to be the mother of all witches. She is a fierce but loving mother-like being that will help you transform into the best version of yourself.

When you begin working with Lilith you will notice that you start having aversion to certain personality traits that you need to release. She will teach you all about your shadows and help face and incorporate them. You will be completely transformed when working with Lilith.


If she chooses to she will sometimes lead you into initiation into her current. She only does this with certain people who I believe are already of that bloodline.

Lilith is a fierce no-nonsense spirit that wants a working relationship with you. She will not tolerate disrespect to her or disrespect to yourself. She favors women and children (she loves to protect little girls) she will mother them and protect them even from YOU!

Lilith likes to be honored during the New (Dark) Moon and especially likes to work with women when their cycle is in-sync with the New Moon.

I will list some areas where She can be helpful but this is by no means a complete list of her abilities.


Help you work through all types of trauma

Make you feel beautiful

Make you better at self care

Help you develop self-love and acceptance

Help you find your voice

Help you find your seductive side

Improve sexual expression and performance

Give you courage

Protect you from others

Help you with shadow work

Initiation into magickal current

Owl statue

Red wine

Red Roses






Includes a

1 - Activated 7-day (168-hour) candle

- Spirit Chant (located on the candle )

Lilith | Self Love | Empower | Beauty | Trauma

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