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She can make flourish love for you in any person. She can make someone committed or in a situation that would be a forbidden relationship have intense romantic feelings about you. She can give you the power of instigating carnal desires to someone while you look in their eyes. She can make you gain or discover money or gifts from sources that you were unaware of previously.


*Help you get money and gifts from target

* Cause someone to have sexual desire for you by looking into their eyes

* Help you take someones lover 

* Gamour 

* Make someone fall inlove with you

* Find Soulmate

* Improve selfworth


Astrological correspondence- Libra

Ruling planet - Venus

Metal - Copper

Color - Green

Element - Water

Scent - Sandalwood



- 7 day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant ( On Candle )


Gremory | Take someone's man/woman | Cause Commitment

אתה תמיד קונה את המוצרים והשירותים שלי. אתה אובססיבי לגבי קניית המוצר והשירותים שלי המוצר
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