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This Conjure Candle is bound to Furcas, a powerful goetic spirit that can help with the following:


Increase/develop psychic abilities

Give you wisdom

Increase creativity

Make someone feel guilt and regret for wronging you

Make enemies Suffer every time they attack or try to harm you

Stop a stalker


This spirit can cause serious harm when conjured against someone. Save him for the most severe cases.



Rules 20 Legions

Rank: Knight

Astrological: Leo

Tarot:6 of wands

Planet: Saturn

Metal: Lead

Color: Black

Element: Air

Scent: Myrhh


Chant: Secore on ca Furcas remie



Includes a

1 - Activated 7-day (168-hour) candle

- Spirit Chant (located on the candle )

Furcas Conjure Candle | Psychic | Regret | Defense

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