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Foras teaches about herbs and precious stones. He gives long life. He makes you appear much younger, as you will have more energy for all. He makes you regain a lost skill. He makes you fascinate a person that has lost interest in you. He makes you understand your loved one.


*Makes one who lost interest in you become interested again

* Recover lost talent

* Understand the need of a loved one

* Hide secret ideas

* Increase energy

* Infuence others to favor you

* Restore lost beauty

* Guide you when feeling confused

* Make enemy loose teeth/beauty



Rules 29 Groups of spirits

Astrological correspondence- Aquarius

Tarot card - 5 of swords

Ruling planet - Mercury

Metal - Mercury

Color - Orange

Element - Earth

Scent - Storax


Includes a

- 7 day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant ( on candle )


Foras | Appear younger | Influence

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