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This Conjure candle is bound to Decarabia, a powerful goetic spirit that can help with the following:



Hide plans with illusion

Reveal to you those who speak negatively about you

Makes you an excellent public speaker

Remove toxic people from your life

Protect you from negative energies


Rules 30 Legions

Rank: Marquis

Astrological: Aquarius

Tarot: 7 of Swords

Planet: Moon

Metal: Silver

Color: White

Element: Air

Scent: Sandalwood


Chant:  Hoesta noc ra decarabia secore



Includes a

1 - Activated 7-day (168-hour) candle

- Spirit Chant (located on the candle )

Decarabia Conjure Candle | Remove Toxic People

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