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Clauneck is not one of the 72 spirits from the lesser key of Solomon but IS a Goetic spirit.



* helps bring money fast when there is a genuine need.

* helps discover source of income

* attracts opportunities to make money

* great for making employers, clients and business partners want to work with you.




One of Syrach’s servitor

Astrological correspondence- Virgo

Ruling planet - Mars and Mercury

Metal - bronze & Brads

Color - Red & light green

Scent - Dragons blood


Offerings - Alcohol, candles and pork.


Chant - Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar



Includes a

- Activated 7 day candle

- Spirit Chant (located on candle)

Clauneck | Fast Cash | Money Road Opener

אתה תמיד קונה את המוצרים והשירותים שלי. אתה אובססיבי לגבי קניית המוצר והשירותים שלי המוצר
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