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This Conjure Candle is bound by Cimeries, a  powerful goetic spirit that can help with the following:



Make a named person Apologize

Eliminate Subconscious Fears that are hindering your

Make seen as strong and charismatic.

Help you find lost objects

Make others admire you

Make you more sexually attractive



Rules 30 Legions

Rank: Marquis

Astrological: Capricon

Tarot: 4 of disk

Planet: Moon

Metal: Silver

Color: White

Element: Earth

Scent: Jasmine


Chant:  Ayer Avage Secore Cimejes



Includes a

1 - Activated 7-day (168-hour) candle

- Spirit Chant (located on the candle )

Cimeries Conjure Candle | Mindset | Glamour | Make them Apologize.

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