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He gives good familiars. He heals the sickness of mind and spirit, helps to cure and recover diseases of the body. He speeds the recovery from an illness. He helps you to calm anger. He eases mental suffering.  He helps you to understand legal matters. He makes you understand your obsessions.


*Heal pets

*Remove negative thoughts about oneself

*Heal Infection

* Discerment regarding obstacles

* Addiction and mental health recovery


Rules 50 Legions


Astrological correspondence- Cancer

Ruling planet - Mercury

Metal - Mercury (toxic)

Color - Orange

Element - Fire

Scent - Storax



- 7 day candle

- Already Activated Goetic Seal

- Spirit Chant ( on candle )


Buer | Speeds Healing | Ease Mental Suffering

אתה תמיד קונה את המוצרים והשירותים שלי. אתה אובססיבי לגבי קניית המוצר והשירותים שלי המוצר
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