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Azazel is a powerful Royal spirit that can help with the following:


1.) Brings physical, mental, emotional, sentimental and spiritual cleansing and removal of all negative and heavy energies.

2.) Brings healing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

3.) Trea illnesses of all kinds.

4.) Completely breaks spells, conjurations, curses, made and sent against you.

5.) Helps in the atonement of your mistakes.

6.) Gives guidance, wisdom, and strength to fix everything you regret having done.

7.) Returns energies that were stolen/sucked from you.

8.) Returns all stresses back to sender

9.) Opens the third eye and spiritual vision.

10.) Cuts and breaks cords, chains and physical, energetic and spiritual connections with people and spirits.

11.)Opens paths and situations that are blocked and closed.

12.)Cuts and removes obsessive spirits from acting.

13.) Reveals hidden enemies.

14.) Brings punishment and destruction to people and spirits that act against you.


Rank: Prince

Planet: Saturn

Metal: Lead

Color: Black

Element: Air

Scent: Copal


Chant: Eya on ca Azazel aken



Includes a

1 - Activated 7-day (168-hour) candle

- Spirit Chant (located on the candle )

Azazel | Cord Cutting | Guidance | Much more

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