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Beelzebub (Bael), the Ancient Philistine God

Beelzebub also known as Bael, Baal, Beelzebul and Belzebuth is an ancient God ruling the east who was worshiped in Ekron before he was later adopted by the Abrahamic religion and named a demon. In this tradition he was believed to been Prince of the Seraphim angels, who rebelled against the Abrahamic God and earned the title fallen angel or Demon. During an evocation by Solomon Beelzebub told him that he resides in the evening Star (Venus) and rules over all fallen (rebel) Angels.

Beelzebub (Bael) is the second most powerful entities in both the light and dark realm. He rules of solstices and fire gatherings. Him and his consort Naamah are excellent guide and Allie to have. He loves to gather friends to eat and drink and have a good time. This is the spirit to have on your side if you desire power and influence.

If you are ever in a situation where you would benefit from not being seen or would just like to cast illusion or delusion over a situation, call on Beelzebub and he will do just that. If you do not desire for this illusion to stay in place you can call him to remove it when the time has passed or set a time frame during the request. He can also force others to keep your secret.

*Beelzebub can be difficult to banish when conjured without the proper constraints in place. * We offer safe and effective candles containing the property constraints for working with this entity here.


Candy or anything sweet







Moldavite (crystal)

Obsidian (crystal)









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